About Us

Saying that some of the world’s business giants and leaders rely on our company and the consulting with our experts is quite enough of advertising. Our company has a couple of decades-long history with thousands of satisfied clients and completed tasks. We have gathered highly educated, experienced, a dedicated and reliable team of experts who strive to help our clients to boost their businesses by improving marketing, organizational, operational, informational, statistical and other strategies necessary for breaking through the tough competition at the market. We will advise you, direct you and correct your current mistakes in the overall approach to your business and target group of customers, but our final goal is more than just to boost your business financially. We’ll help you create steady, recognizable, independent and successful in a long run business and brand that will withstand the test of time and challenges of economical fluctuations.

Meet The Team

Joel Honigis


Our financial director and consultant with decades of experience in various fields of economy, finances, especially interested in the development of small businesses.

Tracy McGowanis


Marketing director in our company is strongly believing that every successful business has powerful advertising strategy behind it. She will guide you through the matter of marketing and proper advertising approach for your firm.

Nick Prestonis


Reputed lawyer providing legislative and administrative services and consultations to all our clients, especially those facing various contracts and huge investment decisions.